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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Theme Thursday for July 31, 2014 - COLLECTIONS


This weeks new theme is COLLECTIONS!

Do you like to collect things?
Do you collect a lot of items in each collection?
Or are you happy with just a few items?

Do you remember those Beanie Babies?
I think people are still collecting them.
Hot Wheels, Barbie Dolls, Stamps, Coins, Crayons, 
I guess the list could go on and on.
We seem to have collectors for just about everything out there.

My hubby seems to collect wine and tools, along with some coins,
not much else.
I collect gadgets, mostly kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, other books, 
used to collect videos, and DVD's but I gave up.

Some of you may know what that gadget in the picture is
and some of you may not.
Try to guess then leave your guess in the comments. 
I like this gadget.

Please come back on Thursday and let us know about your collections
or the collections of people you know, 
and maybe not know.

Should be interesting to see what others find to collect.

See you Thursday!
Thanks again,

Here is Mr. Linky, I wonder what he collects!


  1. I love to collect things. I'm kind of embarrassed to say just how many action figures I own!