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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Theme Thursday for May 8, 2014 - PURPLE


This weeks new theme is PURPLE!

I love purple!
Is there really a purple people eater?
Is Barney really purple too?
Where did all the purple flowers go?

Purple, purple, purple,
Gurple, gurple, gurple.
Me wants some purple gurple,
So I can go burple, burple, burple.

Sometimes when I drive down this one street I see two houses that
have these beautiful purple flowers as their ground cover.
They make me want to stop and just look at them,
and to ask what kind of flower they are.
They are the dark purple color as in the picture above.
And on one of our main streets there is this area
that the trees flower these lighter color purple flowers.
It is a beautiful sight to see all these trees lined up in purple
on both sides of the streets.
But then fairly soon after the street turns purple when the leaves have fallen.

So how about you,
how do you feel about the color purple?
How much purple is in your life?
Look around and notice the purple,
then come back on Thursday and let us know about it.

See you Thursday!!

Thanks again,

Dang it, here is that early Mr. Linky thing again.
I think he likes all of you.


  1. Thank you for the prompt, got me thinking of lost moments.

  2. Really enjoyed this one! Thank you!