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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Theme Thursday for May 15, 2014 - SKIN


This weeks new theme is SKIN!

Lately when I watch the news I hear so much about racism
and people who do not seem to like the skin color of another person,
or group of people.

Or that one group opresses another group because of the color of their skin,
religious beliefs, their gender, or their sexual orientation to name a few.

All of this saddens my heart because I think a very wise man once said,
"Let them judge each other by their character and not the color of their skin".
He said something along those lines.
If anyone wants to write the exact words, please put them in the comments section.

Anyway these words are important to me.
I mean just look at my skin color,
and well the scar from when I almost lost my thumb.
I am pink.
I am a pink person!!!!
I am a red person!!!
I am a yellow person!!!
I am a brown person!!!
I am a multicolored person!!!!!
Oh yeah, I am also a white person!!!!

I am a mixed up colored person!!!
And proud of it.

My ancestors came from all over the planet!
They married people who came from places that were far
from where they were born.
Maybe they were ostracized from the different societies for 
being a mixed race couple.
I do as a matter of fact know that all of them were treated different.
I have been treated different because of where my ancestors came from.

I will not go into the stories but I can say that when my family gets together,
we have family members who are very dark skinned all the way up to others who 
are light skinned, which now includes me.
Once I got skin cancer and was told to stay out of the sun,
my skin has gotten lighter each year.
Doc says it is that bit of white skinned relatives coming out.
But I was one of the lighter skinned ones anyway, just not this pink color.

Anyway my point is that we all love each other regardless of the color of our skin,
or where that ancestor came from.
Sadly all of the older generations above me have passed away.
And happily our decendants have carried on the tradition
of marrying someone for their character instead of their skin color.

We are a growing, loving family of beautiful skin colors.
Did I say there is a bun in the oven, due in August!
Another grand baby for me and hubby.
Knowing who we are inside is so much more important than 
how we look on the outside.
We just wish that the rest of the world could do the same.
Peel off your skin and I think we basically look the same.

So how about you, how do you feel when you see someone who
has a different color of skin than you do?

And do you feel that judging someone by their skin color
is something that is taught by some terrible people?

Is one's character more important than one's skin color?

Do you belong to the Human Race or a different race?

Please come back on Thursday and let us know how you feel about skin!

See you Thursday,
Thanks again,

Mr. Linky said it's just too early for him to come out,
but he said to look for him before Thursday.
Here is is:

PS....was not trying to be preachy, just wanted to show how I see skin on other's. 


  1. To be honest, I don't know if I'll remember to come back and Linky, so here's my offering.

    I think that judging people by their skin color is terribly ignorant, and if people continue doing so even after they learn that their prejudices are wrong, then they are terrible people.

    1. Hi Illsa,

      No problem adding your post to Mr.Linky. Just thankful you are playing.

      I totally agree with your bottom paragraph. Lots of terrible people out there doing terrible things to innocent people. Oh how much better this world would be without these terrible people.

      Thanks for playing.

      God bless.

  2. I loved this prompt! Thanks Mrsupole!