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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Theme Thursday for March 28, 2013 - COMPLEXITY'S


This weeks new theme is COMPLEXITY'S!

I actually was surprised at the spelling of this word.
I thought it was spelled "complexities", 
but that seems to be incorrect.
And as I usually do, I look up the words meaning.
Guess what there is no clear definition for this word.
I guess it is just too complex.

I will just let you look it up if you want to.
Although some do think they know the meaning.
Nothing complex there, they are word wizards.

I like to think that the world is made up
of many different kinds of complexity's.
Humans are a very complex group,
nothing simple about us.

And let's face it, one side does not equal the other side.
If you take a picture of the left side of your face
and then another picture of your right side of your face,
you would be shocked to see that they are very different,
well at least for the majority of us humans.

I have seen the examples of this and it is amazing.
It is very easy to do this with pictures.
Just try it and you will be surprised.
Each eyebrow, eye, lip, nose, and cheek are different.
Although those who are considered the most beautiful amongst us
are usually those who are the most symmetrical.

But one of our greatest complexity's is our relationships.
We have so many types of relationships with so many things and people.
We want to save the planet but not give up 
the things some say are destroying it.
We want to save creatures but then we have some we eat.
We want to save the trees but want to use the wood
for many different things.
We want to be friends but not get too friendly.
We have secrets but then we tell it all.
We love our family but at the same time want another.
We choose our mates but still keep looking.
Hey is the grass really greener on the other side.
Just another of life's complexity's.

Are you a complex person?
Do you have to deal with a lot of life's complexity's?
Honestly, I think life would be boring if we didn't.

Please come back on Thursday and let us know
about your complexity's.
Thanks again,

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Theme Thursday for March 21, 2013 - FRAGRANCE


This weeks new Theme is FRAGRANCE!

Yeah, yeah, I know we just had scents a bit ago,
but Fragrance is just somehow different in my mind.
Maybe not yours, but in mine it is different.

Fragrance for me is almost always associated with colognes,
perfumes, candles, aftershave, and lotions
and any other concocted man made thing.

But then again it is the fragrance you smell from a
flower or even a plant.
Have you heard of the "Stinky Plant"?
I think this is one plant I will be fine not smelling.
 Also a skunk gives off a certain fragrance,
another one I do not need to smell.

But I love the fragrance in the morning when the sun rises,
and in the evening when it sets.
And so I figured that since spring is upon us
that many of you will be smelling the fragrance of "Spring".
All the new growth sprouting up all over.

And soon will follow the bees to make your plants more productive,
with the plants releasing their intoxicating smell
trying to entice the bees to come pollinate their blooms.

Isn't that what fragrance is all about,
enticing others to come near and take a whiff.
And if they like it then they can whiff away to their hearts content.

How about you?  
What do you think about fragrance,
do you have a favorite?

Please come back on Thursday
and tell us about your fragrance.

See you on Thursday
Thanks again,

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Theme Thursday for March 14, 2013 - GREENERY


This weeks new theme is GREENERY!

Okay, I am wondering what exactly is "greenery"?
So as always I had to look it up.
Yes, it is a real word and it is descriptive.
Did you know that some "greenery" is now legal?
This was a new meaning for me
since I knew that when I was a kid,
the "greenery just grew along side the road like a weed.

Yes, it was free and legal at that time as most greenery is.
I do like to learn new things all the time,
and this was definitely something new.

But as I chose greenery, I was thinking more along the
lines of little green shamrocks spring up
all over the place right now.
And those Shamrock Shakes that McDonald's is
selling right now.
I keep forgetting to go out and get one of them,
and I know that by the time I really think about it
they will stop selling them.
Hopefully this will remind me.
I will let you know if or when I get one.

But the real greenery is already starting to grow every where
here in SoCal.
Let's say Spring has sprung down here.
But then it really never goes away since we are in
an evergreen zone.
Which means we miss those beautiful autumn colors.

Also I just wanted to show you what "thermal greenery"
can do to a picture of the youngest granddaughters.
Love those alien grandkids just like the normal ones.

Please come back on Thursday
and tell me about any greenery
in your life or area.
Thanks again,

See you Thursday!!!!

Update:  I got my Shamrock Shake today (Wed.)
Yummy, now I am set until next year.

Comments are greatly appreciated. 
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Thursday for March 7, 2013 - SHAPES


This weeks new theme is SHAPES!

Can you guess what these shapes were before they
were morphed into these shapes.
So many things can be done with shapes.
I love to see the shape of new buildings.
Some are totally amazing.

Have you ever noticed the shape of women's eyebrows?
There are almost as many ways to shape them as there are women.
Just look at all the women around you.
The shape of our eyes, noses, ears, lips, chins, everything about us.

We are all so vastly different but then we are basically the same.
What would it be like if we all had an identical twin,
kinda scary if you think about it.
Who would want two people that are evil when one was bad enough.

And then we have square shapes, round, oval, triangles, etc.
We are surrounded by shapes all around us.
We use shapes, and eat things shaped this way or that way.
Look at pasta noodles and how many shapes they come in.

I guess I could go on and on about shapes
but then there is the shape of thing to come,
which is a shape we may not have seen.

Please come back on Thursday,
and let us know how shapes affect your life
and what kinda shape you are in.

Thanks again,
Comments are greatly appreciated. 
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