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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Theme Thursday for March 7, 2013 - SHAPES


This weeks new theme is SHAPES!

Can you guess what these shapes were before they
were morphed into these shapes.
So many things can be done with shapes.
I love to see the shape of new buildings.
Some are totally amazing.

Have you ever noticed the shape of women's eyebrows?
There are almost as many ways to shape them as there are women.
Just look at all the women around you.
The shape of our eyes, noses, ears, lips, chins, everything about us.

We are all so vastly different but then we are basically the same.
What would it be like if we all had an identical twin,
kinda scary if you think about it.
Who would want two people that are evil when one was bad enough.

And then we have square shapes, round, oval, triangles, etc.
We are surrounded by shapes all around us.
We use shapes, and eat things shaped this way or that way.
Look at pasta noodles and how many shapes they come in.

I guess I could go on and on about shapes
but then there is the shape of thing to come,
which is a shape we may not have seen.

Please come back on Thursday,
and let us know how shapes affect your life
and what kinda shape you are in.

Thanks again,
Comments are greatly appreciated. 
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  1. Old Grizz is playing. Actually he is plying with a story that is called "the frong singer." It is a fourology (4 part) that began on Sunday Scribblings, Continues on Carry on Tuesday and Two Shoes Tuesday and finally climaxes (can I use that word), or maybe flops, on Theme Thursday.
    The challenge (my challenge to me) is - Can I create a story based on prompts from four different sites and make it logical?

    1. Hi gsb,

      Challenges are a wonderful thing to do, although they can sometimes be hard. But it does make our writing more interesting. I can hardly wait to read them.

      I have a blog site called Opal Nation, you can get to it from my Mrsupole's Place, I challenged myself to take each week's Theme Thursday's new prompt and write a continuation of the story from the week before. I called them chapters. I think there are at least 32 of them. And on top of the challenge to have each story connected I also had to have a cliff hanger at the end of the story and then continue on from there with the next weeks story. I kinda had to stop when I got really sick and just could not post anything. But if you would like to read them and I do appreciate anyone who reads them, please leave me a comment and let me know how you like them. Maybe I will give it a go again.

      I am looking forward to the "frong" singer, just kidding, the frog singer.

      God bless.

  2. love the way I edit..it should be "the frog singer"...the frong singer is coming out next month...that story will be based on the idea that something is not right...and as the youth of today say, "that's just friggin wrong" so I have developed or coined the word "frong" to make it easier for them to text...

  3. Hi again,

    I really do like the idea of the frong singer and had no idea that it was frigging wrong but I do think we should start using it. Start telling people that something is just frong and see their reaction. Then never explain to them what it means and just keep saying, "That is so frong, it is frong on all levels, I cannot even begin to tell you how frong that is." Maybe they will figure it out and maybe they will think our brains are going. I love making new words out of other words. Lots of fun.

    God bless.

  4. I've had a piece of poetry trying to get out of my fingers for the last week and last last night, it happened...so I decided to take another shot at 'Shapes"...alittle romance in this one...

    1. Loved it and so thankful you decided to take another shot. Shapes can be fun.

      God bless.

  5. I stopped by from the Netherworld at the eleventh hour to play with you! Here is my crazy entry.

    1. I love crazy entries and every entry is a great entry. I also enjoy that eleventh hour. See you there.

      God bless.

  6. Yes, a wonderful composition, I like those forms. Beautiful, wonderful photo.

    1. Thanks Leovi,

      Always love compliments from you. It is a Photo Shop pic from the iPad and is of my mouse and here I go again not remembering what the other one is. The mouse is the black one.

      Thanks again.

  7. what a brilliant post on shapes! i thoroughly enjoyed it.
    nice photo you paired with it too.

    happy weekend!

    love your blog!

    1. Hi Betty,

      I gad you enjoyed this blog. I hope you will decide to play with all of us. The no rules "rules" are on the right sidebar, just in case you decide to join us. We would love to have you play
      together. A new perspective is always welcome. Thank you for visiting.

      God bess.

  8. this is picking up.on.the constant question.in.our house recently " what's a 3d ....?"

  9. It makes my head hurt to watch a 3D movie. I just cannot focus, so I just never watch them. Glad I could make it to your house.

    God bless.