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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Theme Thursday for January 3, 2013 - AGAIN

This weeks new theme is AGAIN!

Here we go again, we are starting a new year.
Out with the old, in with the new!
So with that thought, I was thinking that we could use this prompt
in two different ways.
One we could use the actual word "again" which should be easy,
or we could use an already used prompt from this past year again.
You choose which prompt you want to use "again".
But it does need to be used in a different way then last time.
You could use the same picture and write something different,
thereby doing it again.

So feel free to let me know what you think about this.
Hopefully this year everyone will write more comments.
Please, please, please, more comments please!

As to me being sick, yup it is another flu.
Others are starting to get it, same symptoms as me.
Sleeping all day, very weak, food going through your body within hours of eating,
bright lights causes eye pain, headaches and seeing double.
Thus looking at computer screen hurts like heck.
So please, please, forgive me about visiting your posts,
and the slow pace of which I am getting there.
Also if you know someone who gets this, cooked meals would really help, 
along with lots of sympathy.
Plus, I feel better because hubby has to admit I was not making up this illness.

I also would like to thank all of you who have sent get well wishes
and for all the patience you are using right now.

Okay, back to this coming Thursday,
I hope you will come back again
and share something again or a new again, your choice.
See you on Thursday, again.
Thanks again,

Happy New Year to everyone!!!
Please stay safe.

Comments are greatly appreciated. 
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  1. Exquisite composition, I hope they improve their disease and you have a fun New Year's Eve. I wish you a 2013 full of dreams and hopes fulfilled.

  2. Happy, Healthy New Year,,,,thanx for hosting, and the great idea to repeat a prompt 'again' as an alternate.....feel better soon....

  3. Take care.. and hope you feel better soon..
    i guess i will just the prompt 'again' :) instead of using another prompt again..

  4. Hello! Great prompt! In case I do not return in time to post, here is my link: http://susanspoetry.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-gain.html. I hope you are feeling much much better.

  5. Get well soon dear....even winters got on to me and I got badly ill so i know...take care :)

  6. Again...a perfect theme with which to begin the new year. Sorry to hear you have not been well. Hopefully, you are feeling much better now. It seems like almost everyone is under the weather.

  7. Exquisite composition, beautiful colors, gorgeous photo. I hope you get better.

  8. Hi Mrsupole! I am linking an old post here. Co-incidentally the theme for this Thursday matched this old post of mine. At least this post of mine will get some readers and comments now ;)

  9. i barely made it! {smile}

    happy happy new year!