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Thank you to everyone who joins in to play, and a special thank you to everyone who visits the other players each week to view their Theme Thursday posts.
You all rock!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

thursday, march 4, 2010 - GREEN

starting last month, theme thursday kicked off a new way to start each month. during 2010* we plan to start each month with a color. this month's color and the week's theme is GREEN!

despite the song, we think this week's theme will be easy!

the committee would like to survey TT players to determine april's color. before reading any comments, please take a moment, think of april, think of a color that you associate with april, now, quick like a bunny, post a comment and tell us what that color is. the committee will tally up the colors and the color which is most popular will be april's color.

*oh, not to get locked in, we will stop the monthly color game if TT players rise up in protest, we run out of colors, or if everyone gets tired of playing the color game. at least for now it seems like a good idea.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010: Bottle

this week's theme - bottle -comes courtesy of poetikat.

maybe I'm nuts, but this week's theme brings to mind the dr. demento song, which includes this classic line:

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me,
Than have to have a frontal lobotomy.

okay, if that crack is in bad taste, 1,000 lashes with that ol' wet noodle!

seriously there are so many directions to go! thanks kat!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Theme Thursday, February 18, 2010: BELL

Photo courtesy Photobucket and via Barry's bloggo!

Lorenzo over at The Alchemist's Pillow emailed me with what I think was a grand idea for a Theme Thursday topic; BELL. But not just any bell...well, I mean you can use what ever bell you'd like to make the noise (like the one in the post office...just so tempting...even when you don't really need to ring it, heh, heh... )...ahem...sorry...where was I? Oh yes, we'd like for you to join in and ring the bell for Barry as he leaves hospital upon completion of his ( hopefully ) last chemotherapy treatment. Appears that this is a sort of tradition and similar to one we had in the Navy, as one crossed the gangway for the last time, ere being discharged from service. You can visit Barry's blogsite here, for further info and mayhaps leave a comment to join in...I see quite a few have already added on to Barry's side-bar. We also have Willow to thank for posting this in her side-bar, as well! Now let's go out and make some noise!! Ring that bell!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Theme Thursday, February 11: Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . who IS fairest of all? hmm.

This week's theme is courtesy of the Silver Fox.