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Thank you to everyone who joins in to play, and a special thank you to everyone who visits the other players each week to view their Theme Thursday posts.
You all rock!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009 - Suitcase

This week's theme courtesy of Brian Miller. Is it too similar to last week? Not for such creative bloggers as we know you to be. Keep those suggestions coming!

P.S. - I think I fixed the Linky! I need to go back in the archives and correct the code in all the other posts to bring those links back. Shall be done soon, I hope!

Theme Thursday Participants
1. Mrsupole's Place
2. brian miller
3. tony
4. Subby
5. the other subby
6. Dog Girl or maybe Auntie????
7. Roy Hilbinger
8. Wings (Caffeinated Joe)
9. mouse
10. CaliforniaGirl
11. Poetikat
12. Dot-Com
13. Marianna
14. Ronda Laveen
15. liza
16. Hazel
17. jaime
18. VE
19. dakota bear
20. mouse (aka kimy)
21. Leah
22. Rinkly Rimes Australia
23. The Silver Fox
24. Deedee
25. OTIN
26. Nicole
27. Kris
28. Dave
29. High Desert Diva
30. Baino
31. Holly
32. Trisha
33. Debo Hobo
34. Padraig
35. The whole ball of wax in a nutshell
36. Gabby
37. Lettuce
38. Rita@ Cashjocky and the Old Salt
39. Kitty
40. Rhonda

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Theme Thursday Announcement - A Suitcase Full of Problems!

Dear Participants,

I have edited the template HTML as instructed. However, it seems that Mr. Linky still doesn't like us.

I am working on the problem. (Translation: I have Opened A Ticket.) If all else fails, I will re-post the SUITCASE theme on Thursday midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, and you will need to put a link to your post in the comments there.

All apologies,


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thursday, May 21 - Vacation

Last weekend the TT committee put out a call for ideas - and several players responded. This week's theme was selected from VE's suggestions. VE was the first person who supplied ideas; don't be surprised if next week's theme is (randomly) drawn from the second person who posted a comment with a list! Hum, perhaps there's a theme here....

We're always open for gathering ideas, just post a comment and we'll add your name and list - one week you too may be a 'sponsor'!

Theme Thursday Participants
1. Mrsupole's Place
2. Roy Hilbinger
3. Sandra Leigh
4. subby
5. The Silver Fox
6. jaime
7. Listen2auntie
8. Nicole
9. Wings (Caffeinated Joe)
10. Leah
11. VE
12. Kelsey
13. Ronda Laveen
14. Poetikat
15. DineometerDeb
16. Marianna
17. Dot-Com
18. EyeMakeArt
19. mouse
20. Hazel
21. tony
22. Deedee
23. coffee
24. Holly
25. Baino
26. Dave
27. This Will Hurt Me...
28. Otin
29. Chris Wolf
30. Padraic
31. Megan
32. Lettuce
33. brian Miller
34. Debo Hobo
35. squirrel
36. Trisha
37. Trisha
38. just bob
39. Kitty
40. Reyjr
41. The whole ball of wax in a nutshell
42. Gabby

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009 - (Wh)oops!

If you're wondering how this week's theme came about, please see the previous post! And feel free to add to the comments there with additional suggestions for future themes?

Theme Thursday Participants
1. Poetikat
2. auntie aka dog girl
3. Wings (Caffeinated Joe)
4. Dave
5. Nicole
6. Sandra Leigh
7. mouse (aka kimy)
8. Roy Hilbinger
9. Leah
10. tut-tut
11. brian Miller
12. Ronda Laveen
13. Mrsupole's Place
14. Amazingly Insightful Anna
15. subby
16. ST77
17. A. Decker
18. tony
19. VE
20. The Silver Fox
21. Cuppa Jo
22. EyeMakeArt
23. Kelsey
24. Marianna
25. willow
26. Rinkly Rimes Australia
27. jaime
28. kylie
29. Tom, half moose
30. Trisha
31. This Will Hurt Me...
32. Otin
33. Dottie Jo,Levittown,PA,USA
34. c.m. jackson
35. cmjackson
36. lettuce
37. Born on a Syzygy by Reyjr
38. Dot-Com
39. Chris Wolf
40. Kurt
41. Holly
42. squirrel
43. Debo Hobo
44. Rita@ Cashjocky and the Old Salt
45. {S.T.U.F.F.}
46. .Pink

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the theme thursday selection committee has obviously been distracted this weekend and somehow our (self-imposed) sunday 12AM deadline came and went.

but be assured we are currently hard at work trying to come up with as megan put it another "scathingly brilliant idea"

please be rest assured that we will have the may 14 theme posted by 5 pm today (that would be 5 pm eastern northamerican time or maybe 5 pm pacific northamerican time depending on how distracted we get between now and then)

by and by, if any of you kind players have any ideas for future theme thursdays, please post a comment, if we don't use your idea(s) this week (didn't I say we were hard at work ....) there are plenty of theme thursdays ahead!! thank you!!!

and thank you for understanding....

photo borrowed from google search of 'crying baby' and comes from here - I gather that maybe the person I borrowed it from borrowed the image... but then again....