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You all rock!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Theme Thursday for June 23, 2016 - TREES


This weeks new theme is TREES!

Anything goes!

Please  come back
link up your Trees posts.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky wishes he was a tall, tall, tall tree!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Theme Thursday for June 16, 2016 - CRAZY


This weeks new theme is CRAZY!

Crazy things are happening out there.
People not accepting people as they are.
Trying to force us to believe as they believe.
Wanting to control what we do.

What year is this?

Pick any year!

Pick any century!

Seems as if this has been happening
since the beginning of mankind.

What do you think?

Please link your crazy posts here.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky is crazy happy when you link to him!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Theme Thursday for June 9, 2016 - DREAMS


This weeks new theme is DREAMS!

Dreams come and go,
is it not so?
Are they fleeting
when day and night are meeting?
Is every dream remembered when you awake,
hopefully not for sanity's sake?
Do we really want to see them all again,
nightmares seeming to never end?
Dreams of people no longer earthbound,
the only ones to keep around.
Can our dreams really come true,
some would be great for me and you?
Dreams come and go,
Angels watching, one hopes so!

How do you feel about dreams?
Do they affect you, scary or not?

Please come back
link your dream posts.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky dreams of your links to him!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Theme Thursday for June 2, 2016 - ABYSS


This weeks new theme is ABYSS!

I've fallen into an abyss
of which I must insist
that I need someone to assist
in helping me to break out
of something I no longer miss.

What about you?
Do you sometimes feel
lost as if you have
fallen into an abyss?

Please link your posts
and let us know how you feel.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky needs your links to keep him out of an abyss!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Theme Thursday for May 26,2016 - Suggestions


This weeks new theme is SUGGESTIONS!

I am taking suggestions for new themes 
for each Thursday.

Please leave any suggestions you have
in the comments section.

These themes are for all of you
and we are always open for suggestions.

Good news though, cherries are at Costco 
as of yesterday.
I ate a big bowl full of them.
Yummy for my tummy!!!

Please come back with your suggestions.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky took a day off for your suggestions!
He is a happy cherry eater!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Theme Thursday for May 19, 2016 - CHERRIES


This weeks new theme is CHERRIES!

Do you like cherries?
Do you eat cherries?
Do you eat them until you are sick of them?
Do you have a favorite cherry?

I've been waiting and waiting for the 
cherry season to start.

This seems to be the only fruit that I wait for.
I don't know!
It doesn't seem like there is an exact date
for them to arrive in the stores.
I guess it is up to nature when they are ready.
I am ready for them.
Did I mention I have been waiting?

I know I will be a pig when I buy my 
first container.
I just can't help myself.
Cherry season is worth waiting for.

What about you?
Do you wait for Cherry season?

Please come back
share your posts about cherries!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky wishes he could eat some cherries!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Theme Thursday for May 12, 2016 - DOGS


This weeks new theme is DOGS!

I am allergic to dogs!
I hate being allergic to dogs!

This is Bud when he was a puppy.
We thought he was a poodle, but he was not.
He was a poodle and a chihuahua mix,
and I was still allergic to him.
He wanted to be a house dog, but he could not.
So we found Bud a good home where
he could be in the house all day.

My husband misses Bud.
I miss Bud.
I miss having a dog in the house.
I have a cat in the house.
Joey is a Rag Doll cat.
He looks like a long haired siamese cat.
When you pick him up it is as if he has 
no bones, like a rag doll.

The good news is that he thinks he is a dog.
If I go to the bathroom he comes in there like a dog.
He tries to get me to play with him,
and when I am done, he walks a foot in front of me.
If I stop, he stops and sits down to wait for me.
If I go in another direction, he tries to get in front
of me as if he is my guide dog.

Did I say he is a weird cat?

He only likes to be petted by your feet.
He will attack your feet if you don't play with him.
He waits out front for me to come home if I go somewhere.
When I get home he waits by the car and
then walks in front of me to the door.

Did I say he is a weird cat/dog?

Do you have any dogs?

Please come back and link your dog posts.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky can't decide if he is a dog or cat, what do you think?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Theme Thursday for May 5, 2016 - CLOUDS


This weeks new theme is CLOUDS!

Here in sunny SoCal we rarely have such a 
variety of clouds.
I just had to take this picture because it is so rare.

Growing up here in the 50's and 60's,
we had a big cloud back then.
It was a brownish cloud of smog.

I remember in high school, we had a teacher
who came from Indiana.
One day some of us were talking to him
on our way to class, all of a sudden he stopped.
He was looking above the buildings and
we asked him what was wrong.
He looked at us and said something about not realizing
that he could see the mountains from the school.
We then looked up and were surprised to see them ourselves.
Usually you had to drive to them to see them.
Yes, the cloud of smog was that thick back then.

Our state has done a lot to improve our smog output
but the cloud of smog still lingers.
Luckily we have many days where one can 
see the mountains.

I now live about 40 miles east of that area, 
just below the Cajon Pass.
This is where the Santa Ana's always blow.
We did not know it when we first moved here
but we seem to almost always have some wind blowing
down from the Pass.
The great thing about it is that it blows the smog away from
this area and we can sadly still see that cloud of smog
surrounding us.
On days of no wind or very little wind,
we have that brown cloud over us too.

I shudder to think about if they had not taken steps 
back then to fight the smog,
would we only see the mountains on rainy days
such as we did back then.

If the clouds were not there then you would see 
Big Bear Mountain in this picture.
You can see just a bit of it under the clouds.
On a clear day we can see Big Bear to the east,
and Mt. Baldy to the northwest of our house.
You can also make out the trees to the east of the Pass.
It is beautiful.

But sadly due to our lack of clouds means that we have
very little rain which helps to clear the smog.

Clouds are a beautiful sight around here.

How about you,
do you have a lot of clouds where you live?
Did you know there are many types of clouds?
Do you see different objects in the clouds?

Please come back and link your cloud posts.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky says he has no idea what a cloud looks like, can you please show him?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Theme Thursday for April 28, 2016 - WHITE


This weeks new theme is WHITE!

Is white a color?
Is white not a color
and just a lack of color?
Do you like white?
Do you have a lot of white clothes?
Do you wash your whites separately
from your colored clothes?
Do you like white flowers?
If white is not a color then what 
is the color of clouds?
If the paper is white then why
do we need white crayons and paint?

I have to say that up until I had my own place,
I had thought all sheets were white.
I don't think I had ever even 
looked at sheets in a store.
I think I thought all towels were white too.

For a wedding gift I had received white towels
with flowers on them, and I thought they
were so special.
I then discovered that sheets had colors too.
I think since then that I have never 
bought a white towel or set of sheets since then.
And I love colors painted on our walls.

But for some reason I prefer white appliances, 
toilets, and sinks.
I just don't understand people wanting 
all of them to be stainless steel.

What about you, what do you think of white?

Please come back
link your posts of white!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky thinks white is a beautiful color!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Theme Thursday for April 21, 2016 - FLOWERS


This weeks new theme is FLOWERS!

Tis the season for flowers!
They seem to be blooming everywhere.

Here is SoCal we have flowers all year round,
but the spring flowers are in full bloom.

I think this is my favorite time of year because
of the beauty provided by nature.

Do you have a favorite flower?
Are you allergic to any flowers?
Do you have a favorite color of flower?

Please come back
link your post about flowers.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky loves all kinds of flowers!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Theme Thursday for April 14, 2016 - LOCKS


This weeks new theme is LOCKS!

Is building a better lock the same as building 
a better mousetrap?

How do you get your mail delivered?
Do they bring it to your house?
If so, do you have a slot in which they deposit 
your mail or do they place it inside a 
separate mailbox?
Do you have what I have, a community 
or cluster mailbox?

The post office started these because they
did not have to hire as many mail carriers.
This was in the hopes to help them stop losing
so much money and stay solvent.
The last I heard they were still losing money.

But I think the worst thing is that these
community boxes are continually broken into.
This crime has now moved into our city.
And from what I saw online, this has been a problem
for many areas since they started making them.
Just not on the same scale as it is today.

 Identity theft is the major cause of this problem.
I've always hated checking the mail every day.
Everyone pretty much has to drive to the boxes.
Today was spent calling the locksmith,
waiting for the locksmith.
Driving down this evening to meet him at the box.
Making sure that this new lock is tightly secured
with no wiggle room until they break in again.
The police say it is happening all over.
According to the internet it is.

Our post offices need to talk to Apple
and learn how to stop the thieves from breaking in.

How about you, do you feel that locks are safe?
Are we actually more secure with locks?

Please link up your posts about locks.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky says he likes locking in your link!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Theme Thursday for April 7, 2016 - SPACE


This weeks new theme is SPACE!

Do you have a special space that is yours alone?
Do you dislike it if someone invades your space?
What do you use your space for?

Have you ever noticed that when you are talking 
to others that you know, you always keep a
certain amount of space between you and them?

If a stranger stands too close to you,
do you widen the space between you both?

I think this is something that is ingrained into our DNA.
I think it has more to do with fear that
we may be physically harmed than any other reason.

What do you do if anyone invades your space?
Do you make your space into something special?
Do you nest in your space?
I tend to do that/

Please come back and link up your posts
about space.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky likes to share his space with everyone!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Theme Thursday for March 31, 2016 - BALANCE


This weeks new theme is BALANCE!

I need balance right now.
For the past few weeks my internet has
worked whenever it feels like it.
Then today the electricity was turned off all day.
They were doing upgrades.
Thank goodness they turned the electricity back on,
and my internet is working and I can actually post from my laptop.

The electric company said to buy blocks of ice
to keep things in our refrigerator cold.
I have no clue where they sell blocks of ice.
Ice cubes, yes, but blocks of ice, no clue.

Then on Tuesday I find out that I have something else
wrong with me.
I have Fibromyalgia,
which helps to explain the pain I am always in.
Totally need balance in my life.

But the good news is that I have almost survived 
two years past when they told me I had only 60 days
left and if I was lucky I would live 90 days.

Ha, I fooled them.
My heart is actually doing a lot better.
I refuse to give in and just give up.
Balance is a good thing to have.

How about you, is there balance in your life?
I think when things go wonky 
it upsets the balance in our lives.

We need peace and balance!

Please come back and link your posts about balance.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky likes to be balanced and not unbalanced!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Theme Thursday for March 24, 2016 - PICTURE

I am still having internet problems. I can't get it to sign in.

I am trying to do this post from my cell phone. So, so sorry. They say they are working on it. 

This weeks theme is PICTURE.

I'm not even gonna try to post a picture because I'm not sure how to do it.

But I hope you all will post some of your favorite pictures or not so favorite pictures. 

All clean pictures welcome.

Please leave your links in the comment section and if I can ever get back on the net to add Mr. Linky. I will add your links. 

Thanks again,

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Theme Thursday for March 17, 2016 - GREEN


Sorry this is late, internet was down.  Big sigh!

This weeks new theme is GREEN!

Spring is in the air!
My favorite season of the year.
A time of rebirth!
Daylight savings time!

Living here in SoCal means that
we pretty much have two seasons.
Spring and Summer
My tomato plant grows all year round.
It has been doing this for the seven years I have had it.
Even here in SoCal that is not a very
common thing to happen.
All of my other tomato plants die each year,
and I have to buy new ones.
But for some reason this one keeps on producing.
My lemon tree does the same thing
since we bought it.

But we mostly grow weed!!
Big giant types.
The wind blows their seeds onto
our brown lawns.
They don't need watered like grass.
Hate these darn green things.

How about you,
do you like green?

Please let us know your 
ideas about green.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky loves green grass!