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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Theme Thursday for March 5, 2015 - DISTANCE


Calico Ghost Town

This weeks new theme is DISTANCE!

Distance is different for us in the present
than it was for those in the past.

It is made to be even shorter 
with the invention of the internet.

Maybe some time in the far distant future it
will be different for people,
especially if they can time travel.

What does distance mean to you?
Has it changed very much in your lifetime?
What do you consider to be "a long distance"
or "a short distance"?

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know what you think about distance.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky claims he is a "Long Distance" kinda guy.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Theme Thursday for February 26, 2015 - PURPOSE


This weeks new theme is PURPOSE!

Do you have a purpose in life?
Do you have a purpose for getting up each morning?

It seems as if everything in nature has 
a purpose.

It's just amazing to watch each
creature doing what they are meant to do.

So how about you,
come back on Thursday and
let us know about a purpose in your life.

See you Thursday!!!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky thinks he has a great purpose!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Theme Thursday for February 19, 2015 - STARS


This weeks new theme is STARS!

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Shine bright, shine far.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Candy hearts inside the jar.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
Two hearts, beating, racing to Mars!

Here in the city, it is hard to see the stars
due to all the city lights.
But leave the city
just like magic the stars appear.
So beautiful and magical!

How about you,
do you like stars!!
Can you see the stars?

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know about your stars!

See you Thursday!!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky thinks he twinkles like a star!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Theme Thursday for February 12, 2015 - SWEETS


This weeks new theme is SWEETS!

I love sweets!
I crave sweets!
I adore sweets!
I need sweets!

How about you,
how do you feel about sweets?

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know how you feel about sweets.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Mr. Linky thinks he is very sweet!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Theme Thursday for February 5, 2015 - CHAOS


This weeks new theme is CHAOS!

What is going on out there in the big bad world these days?

Lately I feel as if I am living in a world, if we were to 
take away all the technological advances from the past
200 years, which seems as if it belongs in medieval times.

The events that we have heard about in the past few weeks
are truly atrocious.

Yesterday when we heard about the Jordanian pilot being burned alive,
it saddened me beyond belief.
My heart goes out to his family and the people of Jordan.
I cannot believe that some of mankind can still commit
such barbarous acts in this day and age.
The beheadings are atrocious enough and it seems as if we are just 
accepting them as a monthly occurrence.
Shooting people, bombing people, enslaving people, kidnapping people,
seem to be a daily thing.
Again my heart feels such sadness for the victims families.
Yup, we are back to living in a barbaric world.

My fourteenth grandchild was born a few weeks ago
and I shudder to think that we are leaving
such a uncivilized world for him and all the children to live in.

Every person who is not a perverted terrorist needs to wake up
and think really hard about what they can do to try to change things in 
their country.

We are at war throughout the whole world with these 
religious fanatical barbarians.
We need to understand that if you are not one of them 
then they want to wipe you and yours off the face of this planet,
or force you all to become one of them.

It does not matter what religion you belong to,
or if you have no religion, as long as you believe in something
different then what they believe in, they want to KILL you.

And don't even get me started about how they treat women and gay people, 
or people who they think have broken their perverted laws.

I think that we need to wake up the leaders of our countries,
along with those who haven't a clue about these happenings,
and let them know that the only way to fight these perverted terrorists
is to have all of mankind rise up against them.

Lock them up forever, kill them first if need be.
I think they are beyond redemption.

Let's end this chaos that they are bringing into our world.

Just let us live in peace with each other.

So what about you,
what chaos do you see going on around you?

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know about the chaos in your life.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky hopes he never causes any chaos!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Theme Thursday for January 29, 2015 - OPPORTUNITY


This weeks new theme is OPPORTUNITY!

I hope you take the opportunity to play in this
weeks Theme Thursday.

Have fun!

I took the opportunity to keep this post
short and sweet.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky takes this opportunity to thank all of you who play!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Theme Thursday for January 22, 2015 - ME


This weeks new theme is ME!

I am me,
you are you,
look in a mirror
and you will see.

I bleed like you,
I die like you,
I cry like you,
I laugh like you,
I eat as do you,
I hurt like you,
I love like you.

I am me,
you are you,
I am millions,
look about,
and you will see.

I am me,
and you want to hurt me,
you want to convert me,
you want to force your beliefs on me,
you want to dress me,
you want to tell me how to live,
you want me to eat as you eat,
you want to take away my freedom,
you want me to be a barbaric savage like you,
you want me to bow down to your God.

I am me,
I can never be like you,
for I love all the other me's,
they are their own me's,
they are different me's,
look around you
and you will see all the me's,
me lets all the other me's just be,
me lets them believe,
or not to believe,
me celebrates their differences,
me wants them to be their own me,
me loves all the other me's, 
me even loves you.

But mostly me feels sorry for you,
you are a coward,
you are a bully,
you are a thug,
you are a thief,
you are a murderer,
you do all of this hiding behind your beliefs,
you maim men, women, and children,
all in the name of your beliefs,
you rape, you pilfer, you destroy,
you are an even bigger thief,
which means your hands should be chopped off,
again and again.

Me despises you,
me hopes your people wake up
someday and decides they do not want 
to be your people anymore
and in the name of your God 
they will destroy you,
along with your 40 virgins.

Me hopes that maybe then,
me and them 
will live in peace and harmony,
sharing a love for each others
rights to believe as we choose to believe.

When you are gone,
the me's pray that our children are safe,
our families are safe,
our beliefs are safe,
that the cowards who pervert their beliefs 
are no longer destroying the beauty of their beliefs,
or the beauty of our beliefs.

God bless the meek
for they shall inherit the earth.
Do you see a "me" in meek?
All the me's will be here when the you's
(cowards) are gone.
The me's who celebrate and love others
for their diversity.
God bless!!!

I finally just had to write something about the
terrorists out there, 
be they Islamic, Russian, African, Repressive Governments,
violent demonstrators, etc.
There are so many of them these days.

We must show no fear and write something
even if they try to forbid us.
Life is too short for us to be controlled by these bullies.

So how about you,
are you a "me" or a "you".

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know,
also how you feel about the "Me" poem.

See you Thursday,
Thanks again,

Mr. Linky says he is a me, me, meek type!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Theme Thursday for January 15, 2015 - VIVACIOUS


This weeks new theme is VIVACIOUS!

Yes, once in a while I could look vivacious.
Even sometimes today.
Although it is a little harder to be so lively,
I can still look happy.

How about you, are you happy, lively, vivacious?
Do you do things in a vivacious way?
Are people you know vivacious?

Please come back on Thursday and let us know 
how vivacious you are?
A vivacious poem, story, or picture would be nice!

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky thinks he is very, very vivacious!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Theme Thursday for January 8, 2015 - INTENTIONS


From Pinterest

This weeks new theme is INTENTIONS!

I was reading an article about if we should tell our
children the truth about Santa and the Tooth Fairy,
and do we harm them by not doing it.

Some people wrote about how they were scarred for life,
while most said they were not, 
and some wished they had not found out for many more years.

I was around seven when I found out about Santa,
and what happened was that our mom
started making me and my sister wrap all the presents
every year after that.
We became excellent gift wrappers because of this.

How about you,
were you scarred for life
just accepted it for the joy it gives?

Do you carry on the tradition with your children?

Do you have intentions for other things in your life?
Such as getting organized, or to quit smoking,
lose weight, get healthy, etc?

Are some of these your New Year resolutions?
I never make any of these because I seem to 
never intend to follow them.
Big sigh!!!

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know what your intentions are!

See you then!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky's intentions are to be used again and again!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Theme Thursday for January 1, 2015 - TANTALIZING


This weeks new theme is TANTALIZING!

 This is the season when we can all
be tantalized by tantalizing things.

I pray that everyone will drive safe,
stay safe, and help to keep others safe.

Have fun and let this new year be better than last year.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

There are so many tantalizing choices 
that we can make in our lives,
but is it always the best choice?
Only time will tell.

Please come back on Thursday
and let us know what is tantalizing to you
and some of the tantalizing things you have done.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky thinks he is a tantalizing choice!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Theme Thursday for December 25, 2014 - TOGETHERNESS


This weeks new theme is TOGETHERNESS!

Sometimes things just go together even if they have
a bad outcome!

This is how it can be with some families.
Many come together at this time and things are fine.
Others not so much, if you read the advice columns.

I sometimes wonder how we can expect everyone in the world
to get along when so many families cannot.
This is just something that we need to work on
teach our children to love everyone
regardless of how they look,
what their beliefs are,
whether they are rich or poor,
even if they are different then they are.
These are the things that make us a beautiful world
full of so many wonderful people.
I just wish everyone knew this.

My ancestors come from many places on this planet
and that makes my family a very diverse group of people.
When we are together there is one thing we do have in common.
We love each other very much 
regardless of any of our differences.
We are so thankful to be together.

How about you?
What do you think about togetherness?
Do you get together with your friends and family
during this time of year to celebrate
the different holidays around the world?

Please come back on Thursday 
and let us know about your togetherness.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

 Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!
And Happy Holidays to all of you who celebrate other Holidays.

Mr. Linky loves the togetherness of everyone who uses him.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Theme Thursday for December 18, 2014 - EXCITED


This weeks new theme is EXCITED!

Everywhere you go people seem to be excited,  
or are they just stressed.
Maybe it is a little of both,
they are excited for the coming Holiday
and stressed about being able to afford it
or wanting to try and please everyone.
I think I feel that way.
Although I think it is easier to please children
than it is adults.

Thank goodness our large family get-together 
is over.
I think everyone had a great time
even though we missed our Mom very much.
We are getting as used to it as we can 
to being without her each holiday.
On Christmas day everyone then goes to
spend time with the other side of their family.
We are lucky that our daughters spend the night before
with the son-in-laws families
and Christmas Day with us.
They also do the cooking.  Yea!!

How about you, 
what are you excited about?

There are so many different Holidays
at this time for everyone to enjoy.
Which ones are you excited about?
Will you please share them with everyone here?

Please come back on Thursday and let us know.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky is excited to be here again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Theme Thursday for December 11, 2014 - TOUCH


This weeks new theme is TOUCH!

TOUCH:  Come so close to an object or come into contact with it;
an act of touching someone or something;
a small amount; a trace.

I think that we, as humans, love to touch things.
We love to touch other humans and certain animals
or creatures, while at the same time not wanting to touch
certain things.
Mostly things that we think will cause us pain
or things that feel yucky.

I just got my iPhone 6Plus today.
It has the touch ID thingy on it.
To set that program up you have to keep touching
and touching and touching (without pressing)
the home button.
Then you have to do it again to set up the edges.
Touch, touch, touch, touch and then touch again.

I am sure that if someone was watching me do this
without knowing what I was doing would think
I should go to the funny farm.
Heck I felt like I was ready to go to the funny farm.

But I do have to say that now that it is set up it does 
make it easier to just do a "one touch" identification.

My favorite thing to touch just happens to be one of 
my grandkids.
It is hard to not want to touch one of them.
I have 13 and a half of them.
Lots and lots of love to give out.

How about you, what do you like to touch?

Please come back on Thursday
let us know what you like to touch!

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky says, "Touch me, touch me!".

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Theme Thursday for December 4, 2014 - BEWILDER


This weeks new theme is BEWILDER!

BEWILDER:  Puzzle; lead astray.

I try to never bewilder people.
But I see so many people out there who do try to bewilder others.

Nature tries to bewilder us in so many different ways,
some that fill us with bewilderment,
and others that leave us bewildered.

Life is confusing enough without things
or people who try to bewilder us.

Who do you know who tries to bewilder you or others?
Do you try to bewilder anyone?

Please come back on Thursday with your take on bewildering
things that have happened in your life.

See you Thursday!

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky likes to bewilder us when he is early!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Theme Thursday for November 27, 2014 - HAPPY


This weeks new theme is HAPPY!

Although I should probably have made it "Late".

I do not know why I am a day late,
but I guess when you are not the one making
the turkey then I guess one does not have to always 
remember the day.
Also not working and being sick so much does not help.

I am just so happy to still be here to celebrate.
I have made it more than double the ninety days.

How about you,
what are you happy about?

Please come back, or just stay
and let us know what makes you happy.

Thanks again,

Mr. Linky wants to eat lots of turkey too.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!